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Maik Isernhinke


The team of Guidoo is very competent and conveys the technical topics really comprehensibly. They delivered what was promised without much fuss.

Going into the project we were afraid we would have unanswered questions but that was not the case.

Sylwia Bischof


My availability is very limited, and I was afraid that the progress on the project wouldn't turn out as expected. But thankfully, my consultant was very flexible from the start– especially when it came to meetings and feedback.

I also learned a lot from my consultant since she is supportive and competent, and I liked her upbeat attitude! Guidoo's team works extremely professionally and consists of great people with great attitudes and personalities.

Nicolai Hesse


We rolled out Zendesk within four (4) weeks thanks to the help of Guidoo Services. Nils and his team are friendly and flexible, they adapted to our working style and advised us along the way.

They are great at following up and keeping the ball rolling so that the project progresses. My concern was that I do not have enough time to work with them as we are always busy, but we managed to pull everything off in time.

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