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Zendesk is better with ChatGPT - power up your Customer Service.

Zendesk, a renowned platform for customer service, reaches new heights when paired with OpenAI's conversational bot, ChatGPT. This technology revolutionises customer service, enhances self-service solutions, and personalises customer interactions. In this article, we'll delve into how Zendesk and ChatGPT can supercharge your customer service experience.

Understanding ChatGPT and Zendesk

ChatGPT has been making waves across various industries for its potential to enhance customer service interactions. Its ability to understand, learn, and respond makes it an ideal addition to any customer service platform.

By integrating ChatGPT into Zendesk, businesses can provide more personalised and effective responses to their customers, requiring no more than a browser and a few licenses for the customer service platform.

The beauty of what I'm showing is how to use Zendesk and ChatGPT together without writing any line of code— it's as simple as plug & play. And we're looking at several benefits, from aiding customer communication to enhancing content creation and even simplifying the process of bringing ChatGPT to Zendesk.

Revolutionizing Customer Communication with Zendesk and ChatGPT

One of the critical benefits of ChatGPT is its ability to revolutionise customer communication. For instance, consider a situation where a customer named Karl has logged a complaint.

  • We can efficiently respond to customers with AI-aided assistance. That's particularly beneficial when dealing with lengthy or complex interactions.
  • Moreover, it can help rewrite existing macros and enhance readability.
  • AI can also condense lengthy back-and-forth interactions into short paragraphs or bullet points.

This simplification and efficiency in communication can significantly improve the customer service experience.

Enhancing Content Creation for Zendesk with ChatGPT

The benefits don't just stop at improving customer communication—it also aids in creating more and better content: Whether you need to transform bullet points into a comprehensive article or rewrite long articles for readability, ChatGPT can help with that.

  • For instance, if you have a few short sentences or bullet points, the AI can generate an entire article from scratch.
  • If you want to improve your existing articles, this AI-powered tool can enhance readability without losing the original intent.
  • Moreover, Zendesk Guide allows you to label your articles with additional keywords, improving visibility for user searches. With ChatGPT, extracting and adding these labels to the content becomes a swift process.
  • Also, ChatGPT can rapidly generate different language versions of your content in Zendesk, enhancing support for international customers.

Sorry, no excuses anymore for not having a good knowledge base 😏 It's time to step up your help centre game!

How to bring ChatGPT to Zendesk?

While the simplest way to utilise ChatGPT is by copying and pasting text between browser windows. But that's very slow - obviously!

You can streamline this process with some clever tools. The one I've found is called Merlin. This browser extension for Google Chrome lets you select any text in the browser, ask a question or give a command, and obtain the result without the hassle of switching windows.


Watch my video to see it all in action.

Please note the software mentioned is not an endorsement, merely a suggestion. All tools mentioned are free to use at the time of writing, though Merlin does have a daily cap on free requests.

Leveraging Zendesk and ChatGPT means working smarter, not harder, leaving more time for the things that matter—like coffee breaks.

Here's to more efficient CS with ChatGPT and Zendesk!


See you in a few weeks in the next edition of Zendesk Edge 👋🏻

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